What can you do in your space to trim energy waste?

Plug Loads Make a Difference


Making a difference is easier than you might think. It's true that you may not have control over how much your building is being heated or cooled, but your building plug load is something you can almost certainly take action on! ​

An Average Workday on a Macbook

Dan works on a Macbook. He gets in at about 7:30 a.m. every day, and leaves close to 4:00 p.m.

Turns off and unplugs laptop.

Opens a web browser, chat, and email. Starts virtual machine. 

Dan steps away for

a meeting.

Lunch Break!

Why Unplugging Devices Matters

Standby power, also known as vampire load, phantom power, or ghost load, is the electricity consumed by an electronic device while it is “turned off” or on standby mode.


Vampire devices slowly drain energy from plugged-in devices without you noticing. While most people don’t think twice about the devices they leave plugged in, taking a moment to unplug electronics can add up to big energy savings!


Read more about vampire loads here.

Ready to a look at your office
Plug Loads?

We've put together a tool for you to calculate how much energy your computer is using at your workstation. 

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