What Does Energy Waste Look Like? 


In an energy efficient building, electricity use at night and on weekends should drop.

This screenshot of Mrak Hall's energy use shows the electricity dropping during the weekend, as well as dipping on a daily basis during the night. 

When electricity demand remains high over the weekend and/or weeknights, we consider this abnormal and an energy waste. 

A screenshot like the one above indicates potential energy waste worthy of investigation.

Now it's time to check out your building’s electricity data.

Find your building on the Campus Energy Education Dashboard using the map or the building search, and check out the electricity demand data

Not sure how to use the demand graphs on the energy dashboard? Watch Dan explain what to look for in his video on building demand trends. 

Please note that this experience is not yet optimized for mobile browsing.

Congrats on Finishing Trim the Waste! Look for an email letting you know how to pick up your prize.

Thanks again for trimming the waste! We hoped you enjoyed learning about UC Davis' energy use, and can use your new knowledge to make a difference on campus.

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