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How Much Electricity Do You Use? 

Building energy use can be intangible, so let's focus on what you can control in your desk area.

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Trim Heating and Cooling on Campus

You've already looked for electricity waste, and we think you're ready to find heating and cooling waste on campus too. 

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 Completing missions earn you prizes, but the overall goal is to connect you with Joules and the team. We look forward to working with you. 


Meet other Energy Champs!


What was the favorite thing you learned about energy use/conservation?

My favorite thing I learned about energy use is that unlike the normal households, the energy usage on campus comes from three different resources: steam, chilled water, and electricity. Our campus buildings usually do not have 0 energy usage even though when no one is occupying the buildings 

Why are you passionate about energy conservation?

I am passionate about how we can conserve the energy when there is no one using the energy in the building.

What energy saving tip do you want to share with others on campus?

An energy saving tip I would like share with others on campus is to avoid vampire loads. Always unplug a device when you do not need it because even though you turned off your device, sometimes, the device will still consume electricity to maintain its basic function (ex: a small light on a video player). 

Tracy Zhou


Environmental Science and Management

Graduating in 2019 

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