Are You Ready To Trim Energy Waste at UC Davis?

Join Joules as she guides you through this 5 level program! You'll learn how the campus uses energy and how you can save energy in your building and workspace. 

Our team at the Energy Conservation Office keeps an eye out for Trim the Waste feedback that could indicate potential energy waste in campus buildings. Each building you suggest is thoroughly investigated by our team.

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What Happens with your feedback?

We spend hours poring over your findings and appreciate your help. Each building you suggest is thoroughly investigated by our team to verify energy waste and dig into different opportunities to save energy. 


Joules' Thermoostat Tee

Completing the Trim the Waste program not only makes a difference on campus– it earns you a TherMOOstat T-shirt from Joules!


Be sure to answer the questions at the end of each post so we can keep track of your progress and reward you upon your completion!

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Our goal is to improve campus comfort and energy efficiency.

Energy Conservation Office is a part of Facilities Management at UC Davis.

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